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Boudin Loyalty Rewards Program


What is the Boudin Loyalty Rewards Program?

The Boudin Loyalty Rewards Program is our in-restaurant loyalty program designed to show appreciation for our loyal guests. Each time you make a purchase at the restaurant, you will be awarded one (1) reward point for every dollar spent. For every 50 points accumulated you will receive $3 off. The $3 reward will be automatically loaded to your account and you will receive an email notification to let you know it’s there.

Are the Boudin Frequent Buyer Rewareds Program & the Boudin Loyalty Rewards Program different?

No. They are exactly the same. We just updated the name in 2016.

Do all purchases count toward earning reward points?

No. The following do not apply toward earning reward points:  Gift Card purchases, sales associated with coupons / vouchers, the Boudin It’s On Us card, catering, and Gift Catalog purchases.

How do I sign up / register for the Boudin Loyalty Rewards Program?

There are two ways to sign up / register for our Loyalty Program:

Boudin Mobile App:  This is the most convenient way to participate in our program as you can easily earn and track your rewards, as well as order online through the use of your smart phone.  All you need to do is download our Mobile App and select “Not yet a member” to begin filling out the registration fields. 

Boudin Loyalty QR code

The Loyalty Card:  Stop into any one of our Boudin SF or Bakery CafĂ© locations and pick up a Loyalty Card, then register it at www.boudinbakery.com/rewards. Have your card swiped at the restaurant to ensure that the card is activated. Although your card can still be used to earn credits, it must be registered before you can redeem rewards.

Is the Mobile App easy to use?

Yes. Here's how easy it is to use:

1)      Launch the app

2)      Select Locations

3)      Choose your desired restaurant from the list of locations (the list may or may not be geo-targeted depending on your smart phone settings)

4)      Select “Check in”

5)      The system will assign a 3 digit short code for use at that location only

6)      Tell the Cashier the 3 digit short code and proceed to place your order

How can I convert my Loyalty Card to the Mobile App?

All you need to do is download our Mobile App and select “Already a member.”  You will then be asked to input the 16 digit number that is featured below the mag strip on the back of your Loyalty Card.

How does the FREE monthly bread reward work?

Upon registering for our loyalty program you will receive a FREE 1 lb. loaf of The Original San Francisco Sourdough™ every month. This reward will be activated with your first purchase of each month - your purchase can be anything! Your free Bread reward can be picked up in person at any Boudin Restaurant location (excludes Disneyland). Unfortunately, we cannot ship or mail your bread reward. Alternatively, if you do not make a purchase or redeem your FREE monthly bread reward, it will go away so be sure to use it in that given month.

Can I upgrade my FREE monthly bread reward for a more expensive loaf of bread?

Yes.  Once you have made your first purchase of the month and activated your FREE monthly bread reward, you will receive a credit of $3.99 that can be applied towards the loaf of bread of your choice.

How do I sign up for the Birthday Reward?

Just input your birth date when registering and a reward for a FREE Sweet Treat will be automatically uploaded to your account at the beginning of your birth month.  An email will be sent to let you know that your Birthday Reward is uploaded and waiting to be used.  Alternatively, if you do not redeem your Sweet Treat reward in your birthday month, it will go away.

Do the rewards expire? 

Yes, the rewards do expire.  The $3 reward will expire 90 days from date of receipt if not used.  An email will be sent as a reminder to come in and redeem it before it is removed.

The monthly FREE bread reward and Birthday Sweet Treat reward will expire if not used in the given month that they are uploaded to your account.

How can I track my rewards / reward points?

  • If using your card at a participating Boudin location, a summary  at the bottom of your receipt will provide you with the following:
    • Points earned for the given transaction
    • Points balance
    • Free Monthly Bread Reward (note – the bread reward should never read more than 1 as they go away each month if not redeemed within the month issued)
  • If using our Mobile App, the information is available on the Home page. You may also visit the Boudin Loyalty Rewards page on our website to check your rewards and reward points.

What do I do if I forget to get credit at the time of purchase?

Unfortunately, we are unable to apply credits after the transaction has taken place, so please remember to use your card, or inform the Cashier of your short code if using our mobile app, at the time you are placing your order.

Is the Boudin Loyalty Card a gift card and can I load money on it?

No.  The card is solely designed for our rewards program. You are unable to load any cash value to the card.

Can I earn credit for orders placed online via Web To-Go?

Yes.  If using our Mobile App, the reward points will be automatically uploaded to your account after the payment portion of the transaction has been completed.

For non-Mobile App orders, you will be prompted at check-out to input your Loyalty rewards card number.

How many rewards can I redeem at once?

You may redeem your $3 off reward and your monthly FREE Bread reward at the same time if you’d like.

Do redeemed rewards count as credits toward rewards?

No.  Redeemed rewards do not count as credit toward rewards.

Can I earn credit or redeem my reward in conjunction with any other discounts, offers, or promotions? 

No, you cannot earn rewards or redeem when using other discounts or promotional offers.

Can I redeem rewards for Catering and Gift catalog purchases?

No, rewards to not apply towards catering or gift catalog purchases.

Do I earn points for the purchase of gift cards?

No. You do not earn points for the purchase of gift cards.  However if the recipient of your gift card registers as a Boudin Loyalty Rewards Program member, they will. 

What if I do not have my Boudin Loyalty card with me when I go to the restaurant?

If you registered your card online (and provided your phone number), you can give it to the Cashier when placing your order to receive credit.

What happens if I lose my Boudin Loyalty card?   

If your card is registered, all history and credit towards rewards will be transferrable to a new card.  If the card is not registered, the history will be lost and non-retrievable.

Can I redeem rewards without registering for the Boudin Loyalty Rewards Program?

No. You cannot redeem any rewards until you register for the program. However, you can still earn credits for your purchases.

How do I redeem my rewards once I have earned them?

An email will be sent to let you know that a $3 reward has been uploaded to your account. The next time you order, you can let the Cashier know that you would like to redeem your reward. 

How do you use the personally identifiable information I provide when I register for the Boudin Loyalty Rewards Program?

We will never sell your personally identifiable information. Please review our Privacy Policy at www.boudinbakery.com/privacy_&_security to see how we use the personally identifiable information you provide when registering the card.